The online sports betting industry has welcomed various fascinating features that give fans a swell time while wagering. One exciting thing for punters is being able to choose what teams to bet on based on the odds provided by bookmakers. Then, at the end of their game, if the bettors win their bets, they get to cash out prizes offered by the bookies. 

However, there has been a growing debate on what kind of odds to place bets on- low or high odds. Sportsbooks like Bet 22 offer punters options when it comes to staking, so it all boils down to the bettor’s perception and what he wants. Thus, it’s easy to get confused and uncertain about whether to bet on high or low odds since their meaning cannot be ascribed to what it connotes in the regular world. This article explains what low and high odds mean and what betting on them means for your game. 

Low odds betting 

Low odds betting 

Low odds are also referred to as short odds in sports betting. This is because the minimum bet in a low odds betting is lower than in a high stake bet. So, a low-odds bet doesn’t mean the player has low odds of winning. In actual fact, it means that the player has a higher chance of winning the bet but with a lower profit. This might seem confusing, but it’s understandable if you consider that low odds come with less profit than their stakes.

However, you will still profit from betting on low odds; it just means they won’t be as high as betting on high odds. The low odds are particularly good for new bettors as they are low risk and are best when you’re not sure of your bet. It also helps to protect your bankroll or are just looking to play safe, that is, low risk. 

High odds betting

High odds betting

High-odds bets are most advantageous because of their large profits. However, they require a high risk, that is, high stake. And the downside is that high odds mean that the chances of winning the bet are low. But these odds is highly profitable if you’re sure of your betting choice, and a win will be a plus to your bankroll.

So, the perfect time to place bets on high odds is when you’re confident of the outcome of the bet and would like to experience the thrills of the game.

Is it better to bet on high or low odds?

It’s hard to decide for anyone as it all depends on which works best for you. There’s no correct answer to this question because no one is better than the other. The high odds are good for risk-takers, big bankrolls and bettors with good insight into the game. However, low odds are best for average punters who are playing safe and are just building their bankrolls. Still, it’s not advisable to bet on low odds long-term or only on high odds all the time. Depending on how profitable it is, you can consider your options and shuffle between the two. 

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