It would be a waste not to play newly arrived casino games now that Christmas is just around the corner. A gambler must try playing a Christmas themed slot machine because it is so much fun and offers something different. Because they offer the ultimate in convenience and have a large player base, online casinos are highly rated.

If you’re looking for the best new casino games to try this Christmas season, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to tell you about five of the best new casino games to play at an online casino this Christmas. So keep reading to the end if you want a unique experience. Now let’s get started.

Jingle Bells

The first one we will discuss is Jingle Bells. As you know, slots aren’t difficult to play and the interface is extremely friendly, so there are no problems. The game company Red Tiger created this really exciting online slot game. Jingle Bells has 20 paylines with an RTP of 95.28; it has five regular reels and three rows. 

The game teaches players that if they spend a day or night with Santa Claus, which is also a privilege, important achievements and success will start knocking at their door. The aesthetics and style of the game give an air of festive celebration, which is the theme of the game. Rather than receiving gifts such as toys and sweets from Father Christmas, players receive free spins and credits.

The gameplay is simple and straightforward, similar to playing a slot machine. Although, given the Christmas theme, there may be some variations in the bonuses. Thus, you may be in for some incredible extra offers. This is one of the main justifications for playing this game.

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village

Next up for us is Santa’s Village. This game is simple and easy to play, just like any other game. Santa’s Village was undoubtedly the main attraction of the entire 2020 Christmas season. So you can play this game during the upcoming Christmas season as it will definitely give you a good experience. The slot is not only a brand new game exclusive to 1xBet casino, but it is also part of the 2021x tournament, the biggest festive event with a chance to win $25 000.

Santa’s Village is a new game released by Habanero. Thanks to its aesthetics and overall style, it wonderfully conveys the spirit of the winter holidays. The backdrop of the nest is a beautiful room adorned with Christmas trees, gifts and decorations. The symbols of the nest include sweets, Advent decorations, cuddly socks, deer and other traditional Christmas items. The slot has 15 fixed paylines, a high 96.7% RTP and 35 placements.

So, this is a unique theme that you should definitely try as it will give you the perfect Christmas experience. So, be sure to play this game. You can play the free version first and then decide for yourself if you want to spend money playing this game.

Winter Wonderland

Next on the list is Winter Wonderland. Just like any other classic slot game, this one is a simple game with no complications. Although, the unique theme makes it fun to play. Created by Gameplay, Winter Wonderland is another fantastic Christmas themed slot game. The game, which was only available at Chinese online casinos, is now only offered at other online casinos during the winter holidays. 

Winter Wonderland is a simple but cute 2D slot that is easy to use. Winter-themed symbols, wilds and free spins are all there; there are no additional visual effects or busy backgrounds. The slot has 25 paylines and five to three configurations. Winter Wonderland is the perfect game if you’re looking for something simple to pass the time these days.

The game is great because you can play it and keep things extremely simple. It’s exactly what a slot player would expect, as there aren’t a lot of complications in slot games. So enjoy this unique gameplay created game to have a great experience this Christmas.

Christmas Book

Christmas Book

Here’s the fourth one; as you can see, the title does not include Santa Claus. The game is easy to understand and play. Inspired Gaming’s Book of Christmas slot has five reels, ten fixed paylines and a 96.23% return to player (RTP). The slot offers players the chance to earn 500 times their investment with its numerous beautiful symbols.

You can trigger the slot’s Book of Christmas bonus features, which include ten free spins and an expanding special symbol that pays anywhere. Get free spins when you hit a scatter while playing the Book of Christmas online slot. The Book of Christmas slot has a gamble feature that allows you to double your win and is decorated with snow for Christmas.

This game is worth playing as it has a different concept to the Book of Christmas. Therefore, don’t think of them as comparable, as each of them offers a unique experience.

Rudolf’s revenge

Rudolph’s revenge is the last article on our list. Rudolph is Santa’s reindeer, as you may know, and the theme of this slot is somewhat similar. The theme of this RTG-produced slot is Santa’s reindeer rebelling against the hard work of making sure all the presents get delivered every year.

The reindeer game shows the reindeer in a whole new, different light, and the reindeer’s lack of enjoyment is shown. Rudolph also leads a movement to change the status quo. The slot game called Rudolph’s Retribution features 50 paylines, five reels, auto play, free spins and multipliers. The game gives 95% RTP when wild, progressive and scatter symbols are present.

So it’s a great game to play at Christmas time. As the name of this game is also very catchy, the experience is also unique. Be sure to play this new casino game during Christmas.


Five of the best Christmas-themed slot machines are now available for you to try out at the online casino this Christmas. With their features and bonuses, these five Christmas themed slot machines are fun to play. There are lots of them and they are available on all casino websites. However, we have previously mentioned several of the group’s most popular brands.

For a better experience, you should try them out first and then play them at Christmas time, as Christmas is almost here. The five games listed above are all top-notch; you don’t have to play them all; instead, you can pay for them once and pick the one you like the most. After that, you should concentrate on it and enjoy the special occasion.

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